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is one of two parishes in the Nome area of Telemark and is Jakob Knudsen, church administrator of the Lower Telemark deanery of the diocese of Agder-
The parish consists of two congregations, Holla and Helgen (previously also Romnes). Together with Lunde prestegjeld the congregations are managed by the Nome Kirkelig Fellesråd (a joint Parochial Church Council), led by Jakob Knudsen, church administrator of Nome.
The staff consists of parish priest, organist, two vergers / caretakers and a part time secretary.

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   After Cleeng Person left, people began to emigrate from Holla to America from the beginning of 1840. In the years preceding 1900 about 1100 people emigrated from Holla - probably more.
   Ole Anundsen from `Søgal-Lunde' in Valebø was the first person we know of who emigrated from Holla after the mass emigration started in 1825.
   Congregations were established in the places where the Norwegians settled. Holla/Holden has given it's name to 11 congregations in America.

   Within Holla parish there are three churches: Romnes church dating from the early 13th Century, Helgen church built in 1735, and Holla church from 1867.Gamle Holden Kirke - mai 1991
Old Holden church - may 1991
Foto: Camilla RingsevjenIn addition to the above there are ruins of an earlier Holla (previously called `Holden') church on high ground (`Høyden') next to Holla Farm. This church is roughly contemporary with Romnes church, being built around the year 1200.

Holla kirke/church        Helgen kirke/church        Romnes kirke/church
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